Saturday, April 12, 2008

Welcome to BFFs!

Welcome to the official blogsite of Bogle Family Farms, and for now the unofficial website. We'll put up info on what we are doing around the farm, pictures, currently available produce and any other random stuff we are involved in. We just attended our first farmers market (as vendors, that is) and had a good time. Thanks to our primary competition for our biggest sale. In fact, thanks to the Scott family as a whole. Both Jim and Jeff have been helpful from the get-go.

So, a little about us. We are the Bogle and Craghead families. This is not just Tom and Reuben. We have had a lot of help from all family members. We farm the land where we grew up. We have watched it change for better and for worse. We believe there is so much potential in the land just waiting to be released. We are not farmers, but our fathers were as their fathers were before them. We just believe that people can do so much more for themselves than they think. We believe in the soil and the seed and the miracle that occurs when the two come together. So, regularly we get together and put a bunch of seeds in the ground, in patterns, usually lines. We put a lot of care into each one and they reward us for our efforts. We provide for them throughout their lives, and they return the favor. Honest to goodness food. Seed, soil, sun, water, work and work. Yes, that is a lot of work. But it is for a good reason. We want to give you access to real food. So, here it is. Real food, locally grown by real people who you can really shake hands with.