Thursday, May 22, 2008

Certified Naturally Grown

So, we have had many inquiries as to whether or not we are an organic farm. The answer is yes, but we are not USDA certified organic, so we cannot claim to be organic. However, we are Certified Naturally Grown. Is there a difference? Yes, and I encourage you as a consumer to find out what it is. You can click on the link to read about the CNG program. Thanks for supporting your local, natural farmers.
Naturally Grown


Merilee said...

Cool. Thanks for the info.

emily said...

Thanks for the veggies BFF! White cucumbers, yum, I made a delish cucumber salad. Thanks again.

Mary and Skip said...

Hey BFF....

My peppers finally set some fruit...if you can believe it!
I don't think they will NOW with 110 degree temps in the shade! I will be lucky if I can keep the plant alive!

Using the hot peppers and lime basil I purchased last Thursday in a marinade recipe I found on the internet:

A neighbor kindly shared some white fish (his son caught on a fishing trip in Mexico this weekend)...that will be the first experiment with the marinade today.

BTW...also, used some of the lime basil in some pesto I made yesterday. Did you start the lime basil from SEED?? And is it an annual for us here in Chandler???

Love, Mary L.<--on the other side of Fulton Ranch from you guys...veggie gardening in Chandler, too.

Mary and Skip said...

Tomallen wrote:
"Five hundred seeds planted and all that came up with 20 measly plants!"

Oh lovely! I just planted the packet of lime basil seeds I bought from Target in the herb bed yesterday.

I can only HOPE I have better luck with the propagation...because I didn't plant NEARLY 500 seeds!!!

Love, Mary L.