Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Time!

So, this has been an exciting couple of weeks at Bogle Family Farms. Thank you to both tour groups we had come through. Hope you enjoyed it. Check back with us in the spring as new crops come into season. Also, we have to send a big Thank You to Diane Webb and the rest of the Downtown Coalition. If you have not been out to the revamped Chandler Farmers Market, it is definitely worth it. My understanding is that after we stopped going in the summer, some people from the city wanted to start charging Jeff Scott for selling his produce at A.J. Chandler Park. Well, the Downtown Group got wind of it and did something about it. Now the market is bustling with activity with 3 produce stands, gourmet breads and cheeses, tamales, salsa, hummus, gourmet olive oils from around the world, plus an assortment of crafts and jewelry. In fact, the Chandler Market was recently featured in a Chandler Republic newspaper article, and brief mention was made of Bogle Family Farms and the produce we sell. Response was so good that I was about 75% sold out before I even had my tables all the way set up. I was trying to find a link to the article, but no luck, so I'll scan it and throw it up here in the next couple of days. Anyway, demand is going up, so it is time to get serious and get all my planting done. I ordered a new seeder so that I can go a little quicker and have the quantities that the market demands. Chandler actually picked up so much that I no longer have enough for two markets each week, so Florence is going to be put on hiatus until after Christmas.
Another awesome thing that happened is that we were "discovered" by a really cool restaurant. It is called D-Vine Bistro ( ). Two weeks ago Chef Ramon came out and picked up a few small samples from us. This past Thursday he and Chef Carlos came early and cleaned us out pretty well (another reason to increase production). Anyway, Natalie and I recently visited the restaurant and there we were mentioned on the menu of the nightly specials (I'll throw that up too when I get a chance). Let me tell you, D-Vine is a great restaurant! Excellent food with a nice atmosphere. Check out their website and then go eat there. Support the businesses that suport local farmers.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We are most of the way through our first client's raised garden bed. Sorry Gavin & Emily, I could install Monday if you guys weren't in CA. This one was a little bit of research for us, so they got a great deal. If anyone else is interested in having us come build, install and plant a reaised bed garden in your yard, please let us know. You can email me at for the time being. Just as a reference piont, they did a 4' x 12' x 30" bed with a fully prepared soil and a simple irrigation system and that would run about $450. That may be a lot of money, especially right now, but being able to grow and eat healthy, organic food in your own yard is priceless. Remember, that is just an example, smaller would cost less, but we also can show you different styles and woods that add durability, but would cost more.
So, that is what is going on around here right now. I will try to figure out a way to post what we currently have available, so keep checking back!


ducklips said...

So nice to see you post again. I love it. I actually already know all this stuff though so I'll let other people post.

Merilee said...

I'm so excited for all this good news. Keep it up. You're awesome Tom. said...

Yay BFF!

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

congrats on all the success! We'll have to come down to the market next week- it sounds fun!

Amber said...

That is exciting! We will have to check out that restaurant sometime too.

Mary and Skip said...

Hey BFF...

Sounds like things are going awesome for y'all! :)

Over here, on the other side of Fulton Ranch, I got some kale and arugula going in containers. Green and red "Russian kale", this year. :)

Oh and I am experimenting with shallots I purchased at the grocery store to see if I can get them to grow. Since everyone ran out of "seed shallots" via mail order.

I just went through the baskets of shallots @ Albertsons and took a pound of the smallest ones to try to grow out....only $2. Much cheaper than shipping! :)

Tell you how this experiment turns out....although, I have no clue where one can purchase organic shallots for your farm.

I got all the shallots in before the rain...awesome!! :)

Take care..and have fun at the Farmer's Market. Not sure when I will be popping back over is so crowded these days!

Love, Mary L.

Mary and Skip said...

Oh and I forgot to LIME BASIL is still going strong!!!

I have some pics on my blog.

It's weird!
Love, Mary L.